miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

Journalism: not so eloquent!

It's a great pity that journalism, a noble and arduous profession as well as an exciting one, is not eloquent enough to continue reporting on the suffering of peoples caught between a rock and a hard place, left stranded after having been the subject of news and propaganda when the strategic actions of the international community had demanded it.

It seems that just like the image of the bitter and tragic failure of the global financial order, it would also be time for journalism to throw off the yoke of capital and manipulation.

Fortunately, very few journalists continue to provide us with truths at the tip of their quills, I would say, for these times, the rhythm of their keyboards, and often at the risk, more or less of losing their careers.

The Arab Spring promises to steal thunder storms from the winter season but the media seem to prefer to remain suspended at a certain aroma of jasmine.

Abdeslam Baraka
Rabat March 6, 2012
Translated by Abderrahim Loh

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