domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

Puzzling steps and methodologies

Bizarre! Puzzling steps and methodologies:

- 2008 financial crisis in the West (bank and corporate bankruptcies, evictions and inhuman desolation for small savers and surprises for big and medium investors in the stock market);

- 2010, start of the debt crisis in the Euro zone with surprising intervention of the IMF and changes of government without any direct democratic elections (Greece, Italy) and especially the losses charged to citizens and working class;

- 2011, Arab spring south of the Mediterranean, with the intervention of NATO in some cases and none in others but with a strong smell of human blood, and with no prospect whatsoever;

- 2012 military coups in sub-Saharan Africa (Mali, Guinea Bissau ...), 
with all the uncertainty that defeats any democratic inclination.

In short, a saga worthy of the best unending series in Hollywood.
It is useless to write more about it. Nobody is a fool.

Abdeslam Baraka
Rabat April 14 th, 2012
Translated by Abderrahim Loh

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